LED-Leuchten für die Industrie: Wegweiser zur perfekten Beleuchtung

ZAONZI. Ein Spezialist für Wärmeableitung

ZAONZI is an up and coming technology firm that is making its market debut in 2010. Zaonzi is the proprietary developer of a heat sync, utilizing Fluid Dynamic Pressure to create an extremely fast and efficient heat transfer method. Since 2005, when Zaonzi commenced the development of their core technology, the research and development team has produced breakthrough methods that allow the company to create fan-less Heat Syncs for computers and LED thermal management solutions. The scalability of their Heat Sync affords Zaonzi the diversity and freedom to apply the ICE PIPE technology across a myriad of applications. Zaonzi is currently the break-out-star in the field of heat management and have gained prominence within various environmental and technology groups in Korea as a leader in their field. The ICE PIPE series of LED lights is their first product to enter the lighting market.

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